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Crosswire.org published Mr. Gavin Drake’s latest article on the 1st September 2013.1 The article reports on the most recent news about author and speaker, Mr. Tony Anthony. It states that Mr. Anthony has lied and implies that his motive was to profit from those who would believe his story. However, the evidence and arguments presented to support this belief are weak. Most are unfounded opinions stated as fact. To grant the author’s opinions is obligatory, however one is not required to accept that these opinions as truth without substantial ShaolinKungFuevidence. Thus, the goal of this rebuttal will be to scrutinise the following direct or indirect claims made in the article.

  • Tony was really at school in England at the time he says he was in China.
  • Both the school and Tony’s mother can confirm the above.
  • Tony lied about his life testimony to make a profit.
  • Avanti have not released the report because they are guilty.

John Langlois OBE is an executive council member of the World Evangelical Alliance and a member of the Panel commissioned by Avanti Ministries.2 Note, however, that even the most respected persons do not determine what is true. The faulty appeal to the one is a logical fallacy that occurs when one argues that a proposition is true merely because someone with authority says it is.3 The article quotes John Langlois stating:

I am of the opinion that Tony Anthony had a normal childhood in the London area, attending Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Eagans Close, Market Place, East Finchley, London N2 8GA as a child, which was followed by secondary education at Christ’s College, Finchley.4

He continues, ‘If anyone doubts this they can simply contact the school or have this confirmed by Tony Anthony’s mother.’5 Although Mr. Langlois is a man in high regard, if one is to be rational, one should not blindly accept these claims. An intelligent lady by the name of Mrs. Cruik politely emailed Holy Trinity CofE Primary school concerning the issue:

From: ****************@hotmail.com [address removed to protect confidentiality]
Sent: 04 October 2013 13:30
To: Office at Holy Trinity CofE Primary School
Subject: Former pupil

Hi there

I wonder if you can help me? I am trying to ascertain if a certain person was a pupil at your school somewhere between 1975-1979

I just need confirmation if this man did attend your school and from what dates.

His name is Andonis Andreou Athanasiou Born 30 July 1971, otherwise known as Tony Anthony.

I would be most obliged if you were able to confirm his attendance at your school

In the Glorious name of Jesus Christ

Mrs A Cruik6

Upon contacting the school in question, the following e-mail was received from the office manager of the school:

From: Office at Holy Trinity CofE Primary School <office@holytrinity.barnetmail.net>
Date: 4 October 2013 13:57:15 BST
To: ****************@hotmail.com [address removed to protect confidentiality]
Subject: RE: Former pupil

Dear Mrs Cruik

As we have already told numerous people who have phoned up about this gentleman, all our records are now computerised and unfortunately do NOT go back that far.


Sara Sheppard

Office Manager

Holy Trinity CE Primary School7

The email was later passed on to Eva, who expanded on the topic:

From: “Wilsmore, Eva” <Eva.Wilsmore@barnet.gov.uk>
Date: 10 October 2013 17:01:07 BST
To: ****************@hotmail.com [address removed to protect confidentiality]
Cc: “First Contact” <First.Contact@barnet.gov.uk>, “West, Alexandra” <Alexandra.West@barnet.gov.uk>
Subject: RE: Ref 90396978

Dear Mrs Cruik

Thank you for your email below which has been passed to me to respond to.

Unfortunately, even if we did hold the information from that time period, we wouldn’t be able to provide those details to anyone other than the individual concerned unless you showed us evidence that you were acting on their behalf, by providing a signed Form of Authority and a copy of their proof of ID.

However that is immaterial in this instance, because, for a person born in July 1971, the guidelines suggest that any records produced by Holy Trinity CofE primary would have been forwarded to the data subject’s secondary school and then destroyed around July 1996. I have double-checked with our Archives Manager who has confirmed that we do not hold any paper records from that school.

I am sorry that we could not help you in this matter.



Contrary to the claims made in the article, it is quite clear that the Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School cannot confirm that Mr. Anthony ever attended it during the years he says he was in China. Yet the first paragraph of the article states:

THE senior lawyer who chaired an independent investigation into claims that Tony Anthony fabricated his life story has today confirmed [emphasis added] that the shamed evangelist was at school in Finchley, north London, at the time he claims to have been studying Kung-Fu in China.9

The article explicitly states that it has been confirmed that Mr. Anthony attended this school,
and Mr. Langlois adds that one must contact the school to have this confirmed. Whenever this request was followed through, however, the school states repeatedly that it cannot confirm this. On the other hand, the belief that Mr. Anthony attended Christ’s College, Finchley is correct. Indeed, Taming the Tiger (2004) 10 does mention that a twelve year old Mr. Anthony did attend school when he returned from China, ‘When I was 12 years old, my grandfather announced that I was to be sent back to England11… My parents enrolled me at a local comprehensive school12…’ Therefore, in this case, the question is not a matter of whether or not Mr. Anthony attended Christ’s College but rather, for how long. Below is an electronic copy of the letter released by the school:13

Electronic Copy

In the U.K. year seven students are twelve years old. Even if we ignore this detail, when Mr. Anthony left the school in 1985, it can be calculated from his date of birth that he was fourteen years old. In addition, note the sentence which states, ‘…soon after his arrival to the country…’14 All of which is consistent with Mr. Anthony’s book.  See question 23 in the Q&A section of www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk  for further details.

Mr. Langlois also states that Mr. Anthony’s mother can confirm he attended the above schools for a longer period than what is suggested in Taming the Tiger. However, Mr. Anthony’s mother has not been involved nor has made any statements to the Evangelical Alliance’s (EA) report whatsoever. This is because neither the EA nor Mr. Anthony has been able to make contact her. Presently, her location is unknown. Which decidedly prompts the question, how does Mr. Langlois expect anyone else to be able to contact her?  It is strange to consider that Mr. Anthony’s mother and Christ’s College would have conflicting thoughts on how long he attended the school. Nevertheless, even if it were true, it does not necessarily follow that this would support Mr. Langlois’ interpretation. After all, when one considers how Mr. Anthony’s mother is portrayed in Taming the Tiger, one might expect that she, with all due respect, may not be entirely truthful when recollecting these events.

Another accusation poised against Mr. Anthony is that the reason he is lying is so he can make a profit. This is implied when the article emphasises that, ‘Anthony’s book, Taming the Tiger, has sold more than 1.5 million copies’ and when Mr. Langlois asks, ‘How will financial supporters ever know how their money has been spent?’15 After reading these phrases, one unacquainted with argumentation skills may jump to the conclusion that Mr. Anthony has stolen the money. However there is no evidence to support this claim whatsoever – in fact there is much evidence to the contrary. A quick glance at Mr. Anthony’s humble standard of living should be enough to put to rest all doubts about that. There is no clear rational motive as to why a sane Mr. Anthony would lie about his life testimony. On this basis, Mr. Anthony must be assumed as innocent since in law,16 one requires a motive before anyone can be accused of being guilty.17

The article also implies that Avanti Ministry’s response to the transpiring events indicates that they are guilty. Note the lack of evidence for this claim. The article merely asserts these opinions as fact. In actuality, Avanti Ministries commissioned the EA to carry out the independent investigation into the claims being made against Taming the Tiger. As such, the evidence report belongs to Avanti and there are a number of reasons as to why they cannot release it. First, the report contains highly sensitive information about Mr. Anthony’s background, which, if released into the public domain, would do more harm than good (hence the need for a disclaimer in Taming the Tiger). Second, the purpose of the report was to assist Avanti in answering objections to Mr. Anthony’s testimony. The report itself was never intended for public consumption. Third, the report fails to be objective. The panel did not examine all of the evidence, nor did they interview all of the witnesses available to support the events in Taming the Tiger. Finally, Avanti was not given enough time for consultation with the EA to discuss the report, thus comprising its integrity. Despite these concerns, Mr. Langlois has proceeded in leaking this information to the public, which violates the joint Avanti/Panel agreement:

3. If for any reason any publicity or questions arise as a result of this inquire or otherwise it will be for the Ministry [Avanti] to respond to them, not the Panel [emphasis added].18

See question 42 in the Q&A section of http://www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk for further details.

In summary, Mr. Drake’s article may be persuasive but that does not equate to truthfulness. This rebuttal has made it apparent that there is no clear motive as to why Mr. Anthony would lie about his life story, and the accusation that he lied to make a profit is absurd. Moreover, it has examined the various reasons as to why Avanti cannot release the evidence report. Finally, it is obvious that neither the schools nor Mr. Anthony’s mother can confirm that he ever attended local education for a longer period than stated in his book.

History has shown that those who preach the Gospel of Jesus will ultimately come under persecution, sometimes by those who may be the most religious. Mr. Anthony has been wrongly labelled as a false teacher and consequently his successful ministry has been destroyed. Though it is important Christians make a stand against those who speak falsely, the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13:24-30 warns against making rash judgements so that we may not uproot the wheat in error. Please visit http://www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk for answers to further questions.


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