Taming the Tiger (2004) is the real life testimony of three times World Kung-Fu Champion, Tony Anthony. Framing the Tiger (2014) is an independent blog dedicated to supporting and defending this remarkable true story.

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  1. BornAgain JohnThree


    Splendid work has gone into the creation of an unbiased web-response about the truth of Evangelist Tony Anthony and the false accusations and slur that he has had to suffer unjustly.


    It is hard to understand the full picture of why and how people respond in the way that they do. It is refreshing to see Tony Anthony demonstrate Christian love by not even attempting to defend himself, and allowing others to do that for him.

    Some good work has been done here, and everyone needs to read this. I notice the more I argue a fact, the less I want to back down. Personally, I think once we see the effort go into a debate we want to see our way come out on top. It’s a pretty simple idea, but I don’t think people like seeing their work going into something without an outcome in their favour. It may also be down simply to pride. People probably think that by backing out of an argument they lose some credibility, and I suppose this is probably how giving up is generally regarded.

    The EAUK may be a respected enough body to those that recognize their work, but the concern that many people have is on the work and gross misconduct of the independent Panel that have behaved in a less than respectful way towards Tony Anthony and the Avanti Group – bringing about destruction and disunity. It is disgusting to think Christian Leaders connected with EAUK can act in such a pitiful way towards their own. I wonder how they would treat those that are not Christian? The mind boggles. More can be leart at this website http://www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk

    The ones making these wild accusations are probably holding on to pride more than the son of God. I think it’s nice to reach more of a compromise in an argument personally. I wonder if any of these accusers ever tied to get to know Tony. Sounds to me like Tony has been stitched up by a couple of people with some high level contacts and have ganged up on him with the media of the Christian world.

    Perhaps this is the opportunity for them to show all of this love of God by saying sorry to the man. Can’t see that happening though – and so the Christian world still fails to live out the message that they claim to have.

    Sad when you think that love should be seen in Christians.


  2. Keith and Jenny.

    Well I can only say that it is so lovely to see the truth finally being revealed!
    We have worked very closely with Tony Anthony for the past almost three years, and in this time became personal friends with him also!
    He has stayed at our home with us, and we have also visited his family home, and we can say without any reservation whatsoever that Tony truly is one of the most gentle/humble/sincere/trustworthy/hard working and honest people we have ever had the blessing of knowing!
    Tony’s attitude never changes, and having spent lots of time with him personally and professionally we have been nothing but encouraged and inspired by his desire to reach as many people with the Gospel as possible!
    It has also touched our hearts no ends to see that he desires for no revenge atall and actually forgives those who have made these allegations against him and is also praying for them!
    I think this is a true example of how we should behave as Christians, and his continued dignified silence is just more evidence that he lives to please his Lord and follow what the scriptures teach!
    This timely response is so wonderful to read and the evidence that is presented here is undeniable, that a terrible unjust attack has occurred and that the time is now right for apologies to be made to a wonderful man who cares for nothing more than to see lost souls saved!

  3. Adelia Washington

    Dearest “Seeker of the Truth”

    I have been keeping a very close eye on this page for any activity – and after all these months, I just see your little comment.

    My best advice to you, my dear, is to “seek the truth” as your name suggests. Go and view the only evidence provided in the Public Domain that proves without a doubt that Tony Anthony’s story is completely true and marvelous indeed. Stop being jealous and bitter, and just seek the truth by carefully reading the detailed explanations into his life story, and the multitude of documents, video clips, certificates and references. Did you know that there is more evidence to prove Tony Anthony’s story than there is available for most people in the public eye today. So take a look at the website provided – http://www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk

    If I am not mistaken though, I suspect that it will not be enough for you will it! You have already made up your mind that you do not want to believe, and that is because you are a doubter. People like you will always be accusing others of telling lies. Is that because you are a liar yourself? Can you answer that one?

    You see, accusing someone of lying when they haven’t, in itself is a lie.

    Since Mr Tony Anthony is said to have lied, then where is the evidence? Where is the proof? Where is it? If there was any, I wonder why they would keep quiet about it while making such a noise with their accusations. You see, you have nothing on Tony Anthony do you! I can see who has told lies right here!

    My question, is why has not somebody done something about this?

    And, why has not something been done to help Mr Tony Anthony?

    Well this attack does not appear to have stopped the man, as he seems to be evangelising all over the place.

    I do not know of one person that has been so bold and as honest as Mr Tony Anthony to share his lifestory in this way, and allowed people to share his private life so publically. Mr Tony Anthony is clearly a person that has been spotted by the wolves and considered a reasonable target for criticism and attack. I could not believe that I would see the day when our Church Leaders would stoop to such a lowly place. I withdraw my support from such cowardice and malice.

    And so my dearest “Seeker of the Truth”, I recommend that if you are still trying to prove Tony Anthony’s story to be false, then you need to provide more than the question. You need to provide the evidence as well.

    Let me leave you with the website once again – http://www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk

    I am waiting to hear from you my dearest.

    In the power of God’s love



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